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The font previews do not work!

The reason for this probably is that your browser does not support CSS @font-face embedding. Please use a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome to solve this problem.

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I can type in a font without having it installed! How is that possible?

Fontasy is using two little tricks for this.

1. Using the HTML element <input type="text"> the user of a website has the possibility to enter text on a site. This is usually used for forms, but of course it works without the form as well.

2. Using the CSS @font-face extension, I can have the browser load a font from the server and use it on the website right away. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and other modern browsers now allow not only the embedding of .eot / .woff webfonts, but also the use of .ttf and .otf fonts.

The code for the stylesheet is like this:
;@font-face { font-family: "font family name"; src: url("folder/font.ttf") }

In HTML there are many ways to call the embedded font. This is one:
<span style="font-family:"font family name";">Text in embedded font.</span>