Designer Cloud

The cloud of typographers is an overview of the most prolific type designers, whose fonts are shown on Click on one of the names to view all fonts made by this author. Below, there is a list of all authors, linking to their homepages.

A.J. Palmer AARRGGHH! Aenigma Fonts Alan Carr Allen R. Walden Alphabet Soup ank | Aye En Kae Anke Art Apostrophic Labs Astigmatic One Eye Atsushi Aoki Blackboard Etiquette Blambot Fonts Brain Eaters Fonts Brain Stew Bright Ideas Buddha Graphix Casa Phunk Fonts Chank Chaos Fonts Cheops Communications Chris Brown Clearlight Fonts Cosmonaut Fonts David Rakowski De Nada Industries Dinc Type divide by zero Dixie Delights Emerald City Eric Grunin Eric Oehler Eric Perlin Flight of the Dragon Font Diner Fontalicious Fonthead Fontocide fontvirus Gemfonts Glitch Fonts Greg Meronek Grey Wolf Heather Daniels HvD Fonts Iconianfonts James Fordyce Jennifer Dickert K-Type Kees Gajentaan Kingthings Fonts Larabiefonts les rats bleus Lorvad Mad Caps Marianfudge Marty Bee Matt Perkins Matthew Desmond Meir Sadan Mr. Fisk Neale Davidson Nicks Fonts Omega Fontlabs Paul Reid Pearlygates Peter Wiegel Philipp Cavette Pizzadude PJL Rafi Quibel Richard William Mueller Rob Dobi Robotic Attack rotodesign Samuel Marcius Scorpio Sergiy S. Tkachenko Shyfonts Snailfonts Sokratype Spork Thug Squaresville Stock Graphics Studio Monocromo Sunwalk Susan Townsend Tarmsaft The Font Emporium Todd Dever Typographer Mediengestaltung Uddi Uddi Unauthorized Type unknown Utopiafonts WC Fonts Whoami Zang O Fonts Zone 23

Full list of Typographers

This is an alphabetical list of all designer, typographers and authors who made the fonts being offered on Fontasy. A few other interesting foundries are listed, too. Unfortunately, some adresses are unknown. If you can add to the list, please feel free to email me: support [at] fontasy [dot] de.